Justin Bieber has an admirable knack for sloppy style that makes his wardrobe’s disparity from that of wife Hailey a fascinating study in anti-couples outfits. And, yet, his utter disdain for the conventions of couth celebrity clothing has only fueled a recent rise in impressively good Justin looks.

Late on November 7, Justin and Hailey Bieber were seen leaving a dinner date, she in a typically stylish outfit — cow-print coat, wide jeans, heels — and he wearing a textbook example of Nü Justin dress: leather jacket over nearly-unbuttoned shirt and chunky black Bottega Veneta boots. Hey, everyone’s doin’ it these days.

This is merely the latest evidence of Justin’s recent stylistic level-up. Key to it all? Leather outerwear, dad caps, and, most importantly, an utter lack of understanding as to how shirts are meant to be worn.

Justin, you goofball, the shirt’s buttons are supposed to be buttoned! And you have to wear them under your jacket!

Actually though, Justin’s bare-chestedness indicates a big step up, stylewise. Shirtless Bieber mode has been activated and Justin is suddenly going supernova with well-composed mostly-monochrome outfits.

This is quite the departure from the baggy BBQ dad and slouchy ’90s skater looks that Justin epitomized over the summer, and I welcome it, though I don’t really mind the other Biebers modes, either. It’s just that Shirtless Bieber is outdressing ’em all.

It may not make the Biebers dress any more similarly but who cares? The most important thing is that their looks share the same level of intent, and Hailey was blowing Justin out of the water for a long while in that department.

I mean, you really can’t compare elegant YSL gowns to sweats and Crocs, y’know, but it wasn’t the pieces so much as the attitude. Well, maybe it was the clothes, too.

But Justin could be coming for Hailey’s street style crown if he keeps this stylish streak alive.

All he’s gotta do is keep not wearing shirts correctly, Should be easy enough.

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