Occasionally, ex-students reminisce of the good old days, recalling ridiculous things that happened to themselves and others at school. They tell the tales of being reprimanded by school administration over a toy car, using the restroom, scouring the Internet, and for being…beaten up? From getting in trouble for riding a back to school, to being framed for things the students didn’t do, these stories of detentions, suspensions, and expulsions are entirely shocking.

1. Case Of Mistaken Medicine

I’m currently in my 40s and this story still sticks with me. I had a classmate in the seventh grade who was expelled from our entire district because she was a Type One diabetic. A teacher walked in on her with her insulin in the washroom. The same teacher assumed it was something illicit, wouldn’t let the student take her insulin, and took the student down to the principal’s office where she was immediately expelled.

Her parents were so horrified and disgusted they didn’t even fight it. They just put her in private school.


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