In Paris, KidSuper is the talk of the town and it’s made the most of the moment by hosting one of Fashion Week’s wildest shows. How does Tyra Banks-hosted comedy show grab you?

KidSuper designer Colm Dillane is of course the name on everyone’s lips right now, having just debuted his Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2023 collection with a big runway presentation only a few days prior.

That was a splashy moment, to be sure, with a fortune spent on a huge set and sprawling menswear collection, complete with Rosalía performance.

In comparison, KidSuper’s own Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a joke. Literally.

Dillane eschewed a conventional presentation in favor of a comedy show appropriately titled “Funny Business” and hosted by Miss America’s Next Top model herself, Tyra Banks (Banks was previously spotted attending Dillane’s Louis Vuitton show earlier in the week).

The performers, all draped in KidSuper’s vivid FW23 collection, were as varied as you’d expect of the brand known for casting all sorts of unconventional models.

The lineup included Netflix-approved comedians Fary and Andrew Santino, Comedy Central’s resident roastmaster Jeff Ross, and YouTube sensation Stavros Halkias — you know, the folks you’d expect to take part in a standup act — to actress Yvonne Orji and some guy named J Balvin. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

It was a spectacle, to be sure, as each participant took the stage for a super short set, followed by a more conventional catwalk from models weaving between the aisle seats of the Casino de Paris theater.

Fun, flippant, and fashion. It’s KidSuper classique, and it’s the perfect cap to what’s shaping up to be the brand’s biggest year on record.

If anyone feared that KidSuper’s ongoing success would cramp Dillane’s theatrical style, let the sheer spectacle of its comedy show-cum-runway allay those fears with the quickness.


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