Telfar is not only a mastermind behind the Bushwick Birkin but, apparently, a genie as well. With each drop, fans begged and begged in Telfar’s comments for a wallet, to which the New York label granted their wishes.

And thus, the Telfar’s newest accessory was born.

Set to launch on January 23 on Telfar’s website, the Telfar wallet will see a sizable drop in 17 colorways, including black, silver, bubblegum, and oxblood — the same hues which coat its coveted shopping bags.

Molded to a half-circular shape, Telfar’s wallet offers six card compartments and one large pocket just for cash.

While debossed branding strikes the inside’s pockets, Telfar’s unmistakable logo gets embossed on the wallet’s exterior while also materializing on the zipper closure.

The Telfar wallet is already quite a game-changer — and it’s not even out yet — debuting in genuine leather despite the brand’s longtime relationship with vegan leather.

Though not as ethical, real leather offers more durability, longevity, and quality than faux leather. At the same, the material also often carries a hefty price tag due to its specific production (seriously, one wrong step and the whole process starts over).

Telfar’s newest accessory is priced at $144, which I expected from its 100% leather construction. Given the fabric’s lasting attributes and Telfar’s it status, I’d say this is a bang for your buck.

Telfar keeps us on our toes with new shopping bag color schemes, impressive collaborations, and fresh handbag silhouettes. Speaking of, what’s up with Naomi Osaka’s unreleased bag, Mr. Clemens?

Next up in the Telfar-verse, luggage, perhaps? The people have asked. Let’s hope Telfar answers our prayers.


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