In a free and democratic society, the judicial system is an invaluable backbone which ensures that every individual receives equal rights, protections, and treatment. Unfortunately, it is also a place where a lot of people go to insane lengths to try and make a quick, not-so honest buck at someone else’s expense.

Every day, countless hucksters, weirdos, and, shall we say… others enter legal offices around the world to break ground on new levels of insanity and stupidity. Here are 42 examples of some ridiculous lawsuit cases, as told by the people who had front row seats to watch them all go down—their lawyers.

1. A Neverending Case of Nepotism

Two years ago I was struck head on in an intersection by a woman driving an SUV (I was driving my dad’s Civic). She was speeding and had gone through a red light. My car was totaled, while hers looked like her bumper needed to be replaced. When the authorities showed up they told me that she was obviously at fault and not to worry.

A few days later I get a call from my insurance company saying that I was at fault… turns out the lady that hit me was the police chief’s wife. It took a year to fight the case in court, which I eventually won due to the huge amounts of evidence against her. But it gets better…

Two months ago I get a call from my insurance company saying that they were going to close the case. Huge relief that that chapter of my life was over. The NEXT day I get a call saying that the case was reopened and I was being sued because the lady had suffered injuries in the crash… a crash that I was ultimately found not at fault for…


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