As much as lawyers generally have control over what’s going on in the courtroom, there’s always the chance for a wild card. Some kind of breakthrough, unexpected confession, or bombshell new piece of evidence that changes everything. These lawyers confessed their most dramatic plot twist moments from court, and they’re guaranteed jaw-droppers. 

1. Identity Crisis

This happened during an employment case. We go to the deposition of my client and get everything set up. The first question posed to my client is simple enough:  “Please state your name”. But instead of answering, my client immediately looks at me and asks, “Can we take a break”? We do, and she pulls me out into the hall. What she says next is jaw-dropping.

She tells me that she’s been lying to me about her real identity. Apparently, she’s a serial scammer and has changed identities seven times since the 90s. She thought the other attorneys had somehow figured it out, and that’s why they’d asked her the name question. Um, excuse me? What???


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