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TL;DR: As of August 15, you can get International Open Academy eLearning Lifetime Membership for just $59.99 instead of $400 — a savings of 85%.

Not everyone has a perfect plan for what they want out of their future. Picking a career path isn’t easy, especially if you’re doing it without experience. How would you know that you might have a future in professional illustration or bartending if you’ve never had a chance to study it?

With the International Open Academy, you get courses that let you explore possible careers, hobbies, and interests, and there’s no timeline to take them. You can get lifetime access to all 200+ International Open Academy eLearning Courses for just $59.99. 

Learn what you want 

With International Open Academy, what you learn is up to you. Once you activate your membership, you’ll be able to explore a range of courses on everything from business and professional development to graphic design, event management, hospitality, and more. 

If you’re shopping for an industry to plan your career, you might be able to find a course that gives you a taste of a job you’re interested in. Want to be an entrepreneur? Learn more about running a business. Interested in marketing? Try learning about the work of a social media manager. DIY lover? There’s even a soap making class, and that’s just the beginning. 

These courses might be a great way to find your calling, but they can’t replace a formal education. IOA courses all come with a certificate, but it just shows that you completed the course, not necessarily that you’re an expert. If you find something you like, that’s just a sign to look into continuing your education knowing you may already like what you’re going to learn. 

Lifetime access to fun and informative classes 

Take your time finding out what you want to do. Whether you’re investigating a new hobby or finding out what you want to do for a career, you don’t have to leave your computer to get started. 

Get the best price online when you get an International Open Academy eLearning Lifetime Membership for $59.99. 

Prices subject to change.


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