Enginner looking at circuits

TL;DR: The 2023 Ultimate Electric Circuits Engineer Course Bundle is on sale for £24.05, saving you 97% on list price.

If you have your eyes on a career in electrical engineering, you may want to start working on ways to stand out from your competitors. Excelling in your formal education isn’t the only way to distinguish yourself. You could also seek other ways of educating yourself on your own time, even starting before you begin your formal education. The 2023 Ultimate Electric Circuits Engineer Course Bundle could help you master the basic principles of circuitry before you ever see a uni classroom, and it’s only £24.05.

The median salary for an electrical engineer in 2020 was over £80,000. As exciting as that is, there’s also a lot of steep competition for EE jobs because it’s one of the most popular fields of engineering. That’s why making sure you stand out from the crowd could be so important.

This bundle could help you start learning early so you can ace your classes when it really counts. It’s not a degree, but studying on your own time could make getting it a little easier to earn your degree when it’s time to hit the books. All seven courses included in this bundle are taught by Ahmed Mahdy, an electrical engineer and university teaching assistant. Mahdy has written books about Electrical Engineering and also created the Mahdy Academy where he has taught since 2017. 

If this is your first exposure to studying electrical engineering, then start at the beginning with Basic Concepts and Basic Laws of Electric Circuits. That’s where you can start learning about electric DC circuits, the difference between dependent and independent sources, the basic laws of electricity, and more. From there, you could move on to courses about AC circuits, the theorems of electrical circuits, and even learn a little about Matlab, a programming platform just for engineers. 

If you want to enter a competitive field, start learning early and get the 2023 Ultimate Electric Circuits Engineer Course Bundle on sale for £24.05. 


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