a woman in a blue shift with floral sleeves working on the lego flower bouquet kit at a crafting table

SAVE $9: As of July 26, the LEGO Flower Bouquet is on sale at Amazon for just $40.99. It typically retails for $49.99, so you’ll save about 18%.

Blooms wilt, but plastic building blocks are forever.

That’s sort of the idea behind LEGO’s life-size Flower Bouquet, a bestselling 756-piece kit for adults that’s inspired by roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, and daisies. It was “temporarily out of stock” on the LEGO website when we last checked, but Amazon just so happens to have it on sale for $40.99 as of July 26. That’s 18% off its $49.99 MSRP and only 99 cents away from last October’s record-low price.

You might’ve seen the LEGO Bouquet make an appearance on TikTok’s For You Page alongside Orchid, Bonsai, Succulents, and Bird of Paradise kits, some other hits from the viral LEGO Botanical Collection. Not only do these sets look more sophisticated than the clunky primary-colored bricks you played with as a kid — they incorporate 17 unique LEGO elements, including realistic positionable petal shapes — but parts of them are made from a plant-based plastic that’s sourced from sugarcane. (LEGO’s been getting into the sustainability thing lately.) Stunning all around.

Note that a vase is not included, but any container about 8 inches tall and four inches wide will work just fine, says one reviewerwe found one at Amazon for $16.50. (The stems of the LEGO snapdragons top out at about 14 inches long, though you can always adjust them after the fact.) Of course, building your own vase out of LEGO is always an option, too.


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