Love him or loathe him, Lewis Hamilton is undeniably stylish.

Whether he’s wearing a full Burberry ensemble, head-to-toe Rick Owens, or he’s releasing his own timepiece with Swiss luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion certainly knows his onions when it comes to style.

That being said, you can take Hamilton’s fire KidSuper ‘fits and his progressive Dior kilt looks and pop them on the back burner for now, because his latest outfit, which was spotted during a recent trip to Japan, is his best yet — and there isn’t a designer in sight!

Enter Hamilton as Toad, the Nintendo humanoid from the iconic Super Mario Bros series with a mushroom for a head.

Yup, you read that right. During a recent visit to Japan with Mercedes, Hamilton was seen meandering the country dressed as Mario’s squeaky-voiced assistant, a look that comprised a Toad-covered vest and, of course, a gigantic spotted mushroom hat.

What’s perhaps the most monumental aspect of this whole thing though — aside from the fact that one of the richest guys on the planet switched designer labels to dress as a Fly Agaric (one of the most iconic toadstool species) — is that he actually looks great, too!

For those au fait with Hamilton’s likes away from the race track, the fact he’s dressed as one of the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom shouldn’t come as a surprise, as he’s a self-confessed gamer.

Last year, prior to 2022’s Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton was seen in Montreal trying to buy a Nintendo 64 after having the “itch to play old games,” he said in an interview.

“When I landed I went to get Mario Kart but they didn’t have a Nintendo 64 so I bought a Sega Genesis, and they had the Senna game and I was like – this is perfect!”

Hamilton really is a love him or loathe him kind of guy both on and off the track. Although now, dressed as Toad and playing video games in Japan, there is really only one way to view him: absolutely adorable.


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