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We’re just over a month away from the onset of winter, spelling the arrival of bitter colds and the chance of a white Christmas. Despite the plunging temperatures and rarity of sun, there’s no better time to strap yourself in with a new pair of peepers, and Lexxola’s new Ringo frames are just the ticket.

If you’ve not heard of Lexxola yet, where have you been? The Gen-Z-favored brand has been taking the optical industry for a spin over the past couple of years, serving as a real contender to the most favored sunglasses brands about.

What’s made it so successful isn’t a strategy to break the status quo but to give a growing international community exactly what it wants and needs. Its winning formula is yet to fail, spawning plenty a new frame as the months pass.

On winter’s approach, Lexxola has decided that the best way to tackle the season is in style, piecing together a three-piece selection of new styles to bolster its already stacked arsenal.

Not to be confused with The Beetles drummer, the Ringo is the latest star in the line-up, offering enlarged rectangular-shaped lenses built into a wraparound frame with an over-pronounced nose bridge central to the structure. Best described by Lexxola as “striking in both shape and color,” the new design is one to be admired.

Available online now, bolstering the City Sale, which offers huge discounts on the brand’s most favored styles; if the usual Lexxola blueprint is anything to go by, you’ll be spotting these up and down your city center in the coming days.