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Lil Nas X is on tour, which means an opportunity for fans to hear favorite tunes and see the singer cavort onstage with armored horses. Though it’s pretty common for Lil Nas to ditch his on-stage costume entirely, he does occasionally wear clothing. And, when he does, it’s custom Coach.

“Long Live Montero,” Lil Nas X’s 2022 world tour, began on September 6 in Detroit, where he performed to a rapt crowd craving saucy singles, spotlight-stealing dance moves, and sparkle to spare.

This is where the custom Coach wardrobe comes in, with creative director Stuart Vevers delivering six special looks unique to this tour.

“The looks we created for Lil Nas X explore playful tensions between past, present, and future,” Vevers said. “They reference our American heritage through the lens of Lil Nas X’s playful, expressive vision—combining the timelessness of Coach craft with futuristic elements.”

One look is what Coach describes as “a gilded gladiator suit,” which is actually a pretty good description for multiple outfits.

However, it refers to a pair of gold pants with matching belt buckle, a shirtless affair that’s only slightly more scandalous than the sportswear-inspired varsity outfits emblazoned with light-catching crystals.

There’s even an honest-to-god horse, kitted out in Coach Signature westwernwear. More like New Town Road.

“It was a really fun and inspiring experience working with Stuart and the Coach team to create the looks for my first world tour,” said Lil Nas X. “They truly captured my vision, and everything ties together in the show perfectly. I can’t wait for everyone to see them.”

The “Long Live Montero” tour began in early September and runs through November 2022, stretching across America, Europe and even takes to Australia in January 2023.

Lil Nas X, meanwhile, has had a busy summer. Between prepping for tour, Lil Nas flexed some bespoke Timberland-Force 1s and stormed the MTV VMA awards, dominating the best-dressed lists.


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