Verizon +play logo and smartphone with Netflix screensaver on black background

Save $240: As of March 14, Verizon is offering all +play users a free year of Netflix Premium ($19.99/month or $240 in annual savings) when they purchase another annual select subscription. Options include Paramount+, MasterClass, and Super Duolingo.

Netflix is the latest subscription platform to threaten a crack down on the universal love language that is sharing a streaming service password.

But what do we do when one loophole is blocked? Find another loophole.

For instance, this current deal from Verizon: Verizon will pay for a year of Netflix Premium (a $240 value) when you purchase an annual subscription from a partnering service and manage it through Verizon +play. If you were already planning on paying for something like Paramount+ or Calm, free Netflix as a treat is a no-brainer. (Folks who participated in a similar Netflix promo from Verizon last year aren’t eligible, unfortunately.)

How does Netflix know you’re sharing passwords?

The company’s most recent policy change, set to start ruining lives sometime in early-ish 2023, will restrict more than two simultaneous streams not under the same roof. That is, unless you pay $19.99/month for the Premium tier.

To enforce this, Netflix will boot any users who have not logged into the app on the primary household’s WiFi connection in the past 31 days. That’s a significantly more inconvenient roadblock than the tolerable “Too many people are using your account right now” screen.

This forces the age-old question: Is Netflix still worth it?

As annoying as it is, we think so. It’s hard to imagine not being in on the conversations about killer exclusive series like I Think You Should Leave or movies like Glass Onion. Its dwindling selection of non-exclusive classics is cushioned by the variety of foreign titles that are hard to find elsewhere.

What is Verizon +play?

All Verizon customers can opt into +play: Verizon’s free online hub that centralizes partnering subscription apps from entertainment to fitness to meditation. If multiple users on the same Verizon account also use the same logins for select subscriptions, the +play hub makes it easy to manage those across devices. Verizon also tends to offer exclusive deals through +play, like this Netflix one.