Jonathan Anderson has only gone and done it again, and as always, craft and culture are at the core.

Following the opening of its German flagship, LOEWE Munich, the brand expands its presence opening its doors in the capital with a space in Berlin’s iconic (and Europe’s second largest) department store, KaDeWe. The luxury emporium was founded in 1907 and, as all Berliners know, is a magnet when it comes to high–end retail.

Now I don’t know about you, but store experiences are paramount for me. You want to feel like you’re stepping into the brand’s brain and getting a slice of their sartorial heaven. Let’s face it, you want the space to look and feel how you want the pieces to make you look and feel — and LOEWE’s Berlin treasure chest does just that.

Anderson’s unique vision never fails to build on the brand’s rich identity, which extends to the physical stores that serve as beacons of the LOEWE story. Following in the Creative Director’s footsteps of creating a retail experience unlike any other, the space has been designed with concrete and Maplewood, scattered with beautifully crafted blue and orange ceramics handmade in Spain — a nod to their Hispanic heritage.

Signature LOEWE pieces like podiums in blue pigmented concrete, white ceramic, and transparent materials filled with everyday objects are dotted around the 75sq m space alongside black cast iron Martini tables and an iconic Utrecht armchair by Dutch designer Gerrit Thomas Rietveld.

But it’s not just the bold furniture and architectural cues that will catch your eye. As always with LOEWE, the continuous commitment to art and craft is easily felt in the store. A colorful Alpujarreña Spanish rug based on a John Allen tapestry called Fallen Leaves covers the floor, while the 1955 ceramic Femme by Pablo Picasso decks one of the feature walls.

LOEWE celebrated with an in-store event that saw some of Berlin’s creative community come together for an exclusive evening at the new location. Creating the new notable LOEWE community, the guests spanned all fields, from makeup and art to photography and design, filling KaDeWe with glitz and glam for the night.

The shop-in-shop will showcase women’s accessories, including bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, and eyewear. Be sure to check out the store and find out more at