NutriBullet juicer against an orange, yellow, and green background with pink dots

Save $38.59: As of Jan. 19, the NutriBullet slow juicer is on sale at Walmart for $161.40. That’s a savings of 19%.

A delicious, fresh-squeezed juice can help you get a few more nutrients and make you feel oh-so-chic. If you’re craving fresh juice to start your day on a high note, a high-quality juicer is a must-have addition to your kitchen setup.

As of Jan. 19, the NutriBullet slow juicer is on sale for only $161.40 at Walmart, down from $199.99. That’s a savings of $38.59, or 19% off. Featuring a three-inch chute, you can fit your favorite fruits and veggies into this juicer for delectable beverages.

Equipped with a low-speed motor, this juicer works slowly to reduce noise and extract as much juice as possible from the nuts, fruits, and veggies you insert into the chute. It includes two containers you can use to collect your creations (and drink straight from if you wish) and features a no-drip spout that holds liquid in until you’re ready to pour.

With dimensions of 7×6.25 x17 inches after assembly, you’ll still have plenty of counter or cabinet space. You can take the juicer apart and put it back together for easy cleaning. Make sure you read the included manual for the best way to wash your juicer so you can keep it around as long as possible.

Grab a handy juicer at a solid discount while you can — your taste buds will thank you.