Amidst all the fanfare of the 2022 CFDA Awards ceremony on November 7, we collectively missed one major moment in style. Yes, Julia Fox did her Julia Fox thing and Kim Kardashian got all wrapped up but why were we not making a bigger deal about Martha Stewart’s Chrome Hearts drip?!

Yes, the queen of the coastal grandmothers wore the ultimate in punk jewelry to American fashion’s biggest celebratory moment, decked out in gold from head to toe.

To paraphrase Martha’s perpetual catchphrase, her blinged out ‘fit was indeed a good thing.

For the uninitiated, Chrome Hearts is a longstanding American luxury label that’s nearly as enigmatic as Goyard.

Chrome Hearts hats, hoodies, and leather-paneled jeans are the secret handshake of the streetwear set, an IYKYK wink to the people you pass on the sidewalk. Some folks get it, others just see old Levi’s with crosses stitched on them.

Like any luxury brand worth its salt, Chrome Hearts is as coveted by celebrities as it is by everyone else — this year alone, Lenny Kravitz, Orville Peck, Future, and CL have worn bespoke Chrome Hearts outfits.

It’s not that musicians alone comprehend the Chrome Hearts ethos but that Chrome Hearts’ rock n’ roll biker origins make it an organic fit for entertainers seeking something flashy and very, very expensive.

And then there’s Martha Stewart.

She of the one-pan pasta dropped by Cipriani with an armful of Chrome Hearts’ unbelievably expensive gold jewelry, matching her CH handbag, earrings, necklace, and gold peep-toe platforms (a Martha signature).

Though Martha Stewart and Chrome Hearts are as unlikely (and amazing) a pairing as anyone could’ve dreamed up, it only solidifies Martha’s evolution frm statement centerpieces to statement accessories.

In recent months, she’s worn Bottega Veneta, Diane von Furstenberg, and a LBD that most people half Martha’s age couldn’t pull off.

She even got her first official streetwear collab this year. Truly, this is the age of Martha.


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