In a hospital, one mistake or misdiagnosis can prove utterly disastrous. But, like the rest of us, medical professionals are only human. Whether it’s pure incompetence or a total fluke, these massive medical mistakes are absolutely brutal.

1. This Doctor Was Pure Poison

I had a 2-year-old patient show up in the ER. She and her dad had been out in the fields in a small town several hours away from the nearest big city, where I worked. The dad took the child to the ER in the small town with an obvious snake bite. I’m still so furious when I think about what the doctor did. He shrugged and said, “Eh, it’s ok. She probably didn’t get envenomated,” and didn’t give the patient antivenom, which they had on-site.

They then elected to send the child to our hospital by ambulance instead of by helicopter. Several hours later, the patient showed up at our hospital coding and ended up not making it.


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