Here’s a massive overlap that not many people know about – gamers and creators have a lot in common. A lot of creators invest in expensive rigs not just for being able to run their heavy editing software… but to be able to game too! In fact, I’m using a gaming laptop right now because its CPU and GPU meet my 3D modeling and rendering needs, and occasionally, I like to unwind by playing a game. Designed clearly to cater to this specific overlap is the HUIO THK-1 keyboard – a nifty, clickety-clack mechanical keyboard with RGB backlights and also a set of multimedia-focused controls for when you want to get into intense work mode.

Designer: HUIO

The THK-1 is Australia-based brand HUIO’s first-ever product. It’s a satisfyingly tactile wireless keyboard with RGB-backlight and mechanical red switches under each key, just like your traditional gaming laptop… but it has a column of Japanese characters on the left (presumably for the Japanese demographic) and a set of multimedia keys + jogdial on the right. The jogdial works best to control your machine’s volume, although it can easily be programmed to work with other software too, ending up being a seek knob in a video editing software, a brush-size controller for PhotoShop, or to cycle through weapons in your first-person shooter.

The keyboard is currently in its pre-launch stage, although HUIO hasn’t given a concrete timeline on the launch date as of now. However, we’ll keep our eyes open so you don’t have to.

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