Ready to rumble? This smorgasbord of tantrums has something for everyone: apoplectic Karens, humiliating hissy fits, and rampaging lunatics, but some of the most satisfying stories are when the major meltdowns are skillfully and hilariously defused by skilled retail heroes. Take heed and take a deep breath, these Redditors’ experiences are so shameful that you’ll be blushing as you read them.

1. A Tale As Old As Time

Despite the fact that the mother of my daughters told me she didn’t want to be a wife and mother anymore and abandoned us, she still flipped out in court when the judge granted me sole custody. She shrieked and tore at her clothes like an insane person, and then she called in four bikers to menacingly approach the judge’s bench.

Since everyone was expecting this display, there were several sheriff’s deputies on hand, each burly and cheerfully capable of restraining the leather-jacketed string beans. The judge had them all removed from the courtroom. It was beautiful. But karma wasn’t done with her yet. Shortly afterward she hooked up with her biker ex-boyfriend.

One night, after an intense argument in a roadhouse, her boyfriend drove off in his truck. She followed him on foot into the subzero Montana winter—but was found six weeks later frozen solid in a ditch. Bummer.


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