Simone Rocha staged its Spring/Summer 2024 presentation during London Fashion Week, where the brand debuted an extra pretty and pearly Crocs collaboration. Highsnobiety caught the best looks yet at the forthcoming Simone Rocha x Crocs team-up backstage.

Simone Rocha’s Crocs clogs were seriously dripped out with massive pearls and other shiny jewel Jibbitz filling the ventilation holes.

The collaborative clogs receive a bluish-gray translucent upper for a mother-of-pearl finish, while other embellishments wrap the heel and traditional ankle strap. Similar designs follow with Simone Rocha and Crocs’ black pairs.

Simone Rocha’s Crocs collaboration also included a sneaker-clog hybrid featuring a sneaker-esque sole and clog fixings. The collaborative shoe also had a bungee lace system and a pull tab on the heel for slip-on appeal.

simone rocha crocsHighsnobiety
simone rocha crocsHighsnobiety
simone rocha crocsHighsnobiety
simone rocha crocsHighsnobiety

Simone Rocha’s Crocs sneaker-clog hit the runway in pink black and was also topped with glistening charms (the pink came with a bit of extra metallic silver shine).

And for the finale, we see Simone Rocha take on the Crocs Siren heel with the brand’s signature bejeweled goodness. We used to pray for Crocs like this.

simone rocha crocsSimone Rochha, Press

Ready for Simone Rocha’s purtyyy Crocs? Well, patience is key, as the collab won’t release till the Spring 2024 season.

With three Crocs shoes spun with Simone Rocha flair, the pair proves three is indeed the charm for a shoe collab — even more with pearly add-ons.

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