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A solid chunk of Australia’s workforce will spend several hours each day sitting in front of a computer. Whether it’s sitting in an office, working from home or working remotely from some far-flung destination, the computer rules us all.

And yet we’re still naive to the negative effects spending so much time in front of a screen can have on our eyes. Many of us may have already succumbed to digital eye health issues and now spend our days wearing glasses. If this is you, then you need to know about Mouqy Eyewear.

Mouqy Eyewear is an up-and-coming eyewear brand that places a strong emphasis on affordability, accessibility and quality. Mouqy’s online store has hundreds of eyeglass frames to choose from in a range of fun styles to suit any taste – be it modern, minimalist, retro or anything in between. Their glasses come in a range of materials, including acetate and metal frames – and colours, the majority of which will only set you back around $20 (before picking what lenses you like).

The virtual try-on feature lets you see how your glasses will look before you buy.

Because they understand that the lack of any physical stores means you can’t try your glasses on before you buy, Mouqy offers an intuitive and accurate virtual-try-on feature, which uses your laptop or smartphone camera to show you just how good you look in a fresh pair of frames.

Better still, you can input your current prescription during the seamless checkout process, and Mouqy’s team of engineers will take care of the rest, sending you your very own pair of prescription glasses directly to your door. 

A range of lenses can be specified during the checkout process, with different types suiting certain prescription strengths – but no matter which lens style you choose, all come with the option of adding blue light blocking technology to help prevent eye strain.

All Mouqy glasses come with their own case.

All Mouqy glasses come with their own case and for a limited time, Mouqy is offering free shipping on all Australian orders (shipping is always free in the US). As an extra bonus, DMARGE readers can get 10% off their order using the discount code, DMARGE10 at the checkout.

Check out Mouqy today and reframe your face.

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