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Brand: MSCHF

Model: Gobstomper “Graylag Goose”

Release Date: May 18

Price: $195


Editor’s Notes: Remember MSCHF’s big red boots from earlier in the year? That was a bit mad, wasn’t it? When those massive cartoon-like shoes stomped their way onto everyone’s social media timelines whether they liked it or not. Crazy, really.

Anyway, following their release (which saw them surface on resale sites for almost five-times their RRP), the Brooklyn-based label has gone onto drop a host of more subtle silhouettes. Well, subtle by MSCHF’s standards, at least.

The latest of which comes in the form of the ever-popular Gobstomper sneaker, a style that, as the name suggests, changes its appearance through wear, as its layers gradually fade away.

Following a super-successful all-white release in partnership with Jimmy Fallon (we still aren’t entirely sure why), MSCHF launched an extra sour iteration earlier this year. Now though, it’s scaling things back to reveal the Gobstomper in a more muted “Graylag Goose” colorway.

Landing on May 18 for $195, the latest Gobstomper comes hot off the heels of the release of one of MSCHF’s other popular sneaker silhouettes: the Super Normal 2.

Since debuting the Super Normal 2 in black suede midway through 2022, MSCHF has since dropped white and “Mint” colorways, each of which continues to stay true to its name.

In the same breath, though, MSCHF has also been responsible for some totally abnormal releases in the backwards sneakers and what was essentially a big medial boot.

For as many wild releases MSCHF can account for, there are equally as many more normal drops. That being said, “normal” by MSCHF’s standards isn’t that normal tbh.


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