It’s a dance you’re probably familiar with: You meet someone new, and want to exchange information. So pull out your phone and, after navigating to Instagram, hand it to your companion — “What’s your username?”

It’s a clunky process that KIKI World, the next-gen beauty brand crowdsourcing its products, streamlines with its latest release: Chipped, NFC-embedded press on nails that allow wearers to send their information to an acquaintance’s phone with a single tap.

KIKI World Chipped NailsKIKI World, Press
KIKI World Chipped NailsKIKI World, Press

Each set of Chipped nails is equipped with thumbs featuring a built-in NFC chip, the same component in contactless “tap to pay” credit cards. Before applying the nails, customers can pair the NFC chips with their smartphone — “They’ll be prompted to create a account or connect to their existing account,” a KIKI representative explained. “Once connected, each time they scan their chip will automatically load their KIKI profile,” which can be linked to other social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram.

In line with KIKI’s (the brand determines what products it releases based on customer polls), Chipped is a collaboration with Winny.eth, a blockchain consultant and early KIKI World member. And, like all KIKI products, customers can vote on what color Chipped should release in first. Among the options are Celestial, an icy iridescent shade, lavender Miuccia, and Feu, a fiery orange.

As digital business cards begin to replace the paper slips we once carried around in our wallets, Chipped is stylish alternative for the well-manicured — and a serious flex that would have Patrick Bateman shaking.

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