Does it count as lazy luxury if the garments you’re wearing are made for trekking about outdoors? Think about it as you peruse the elegantly stylish Spring/Summer 2024 lookbook proffered by nanamica, the Japanese outdoors brand that takes its particular blend of fashion and function very seriously.

If you aren’t savvy, SS24 is actually a great time to be introduced to nanamica, as the label only just turned 2020 in 2023.

“It has been 20 years since I founded Nanamica. Today, although it’s not a big brand, Nanamica is worn by people all over the world, and that makes me feel the reality of the brand’s 20 year-history,” founder Eiichiro Homma said in a statement. “Yet, people I meet for the first time still ask, ‘What kind of brand is it?’ So let me introduce Nanamica once again.”

Can you make clothes that look simultaneously peaceful, refined, and durable? Yes! That’s nanamica in a nutshell.

Nanamica’s t-shirts, coats, and pullover dresses exude a sort of ethereal airiness. But it’s all just as grounded when it comes to the utility of the fabrics — mostly a lot of GORE-TEX lining, Kodenshi down, and Alphadry shells.

These textiles are notably similar to those materials used by The North Face Purple Label, which Homma also oversees.

You could really wear anything from either brand with ease, mixing and matching GORE-TEX chukka boots and Alphadry jersey tees with TNFPL’s retro-leaning hiker gear as you like. It all blends nicely, but nanamica is a tad more preppy and a tad more street-savvy.

If TNFPL is what you’d wear to the trails or skate park in 1993, nanamica is what you wore to work or strolling around town. 

nanamica’s SS24 collection is airy, oversized, and slightly edgy in all the places that count, like the lengthened hem of a coat or the barely capped shoulders of a vest.

Whether you’re slipping into a boxy double-breasted blazer or a subtly iridescent pullover windbreaker in red, nanamica’s look is timeless and stressless.

The shape of everything belies just how much tech is in the fabrics, perfect for taking in the ocean breeze atop a rocky cliff or you know, making your way to the Polo Bar for a crabcake. Surely nanamica’s signature GORE-TEX-protected balmacaan coat, with the fabrics densely woven to produce a light sheen and a COOLMAX cotton lining for breathability, upholds their dress code. 

“While it may seem like we always make similar clothes, we are constantly pursuing the creation of just-right clothing for the times,” Homma continued.

“We use subtly upgraded materials, adjusting the fit little by little, all in the pursuit of clothing that fits well with the era. Ultimately, we believe that the wearer should be the protagonist, and clothing should serve as a tool to support him/her.”

Whether it’s the wide-legged grace of nanamica’s seasonal cotton pants or quietly cool enclosures on the jackets, nanamica’s entire SS24 collection, which launches globally in February, epitomizes humble outdoorsy luxury. 

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