the samsung chromebook 4 against a green background

SAVE $110.99: As of July 25, the student-friendly Samsung Chromebook 4 (Intel Celeron Processor N4000, 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC) is on sale for only $119 at Amazon and Walmart. That’s 48% off its suggested retail price of $229.99.

It’s easy to get suckered into impulse-buying one of Apple‘s MacBooks for school, especially now with the arrival of the showy M2 generation. But before you drop over a grand on a new laptop, consider the humble Chromebook. It’s durable, it’s portable, it comes with built-in safety features, it’s based in the cloud — and if you just need something reliable for basic computing tasks (hi, K-12 parents), it won’t make you cough up more than a couple hundred bucks.

Savvy back-to-school shoppers should scope out the Samsung Chromebook 4, an 11.6-inch laptop that’s on sale for its lowest price since last summer. Amazon and Walmart have it marked down to just $119 as of July 25, which shaves 48% off its $229.99 MSRP. (It’s still full price on the Samsung website.) We’ve seen it dip to $99 before, but don’t count on that happening again soon unless inflation chills out.

A 2019 release, this little machine is well-rated by reviewers for its value, lightweight frame (under 3 pounds), and battery life (up to 12.5 hours per charge). The configuration listed features 32GB of storage, plus an Intel Celeron Processor N4000 and 4GB of RAM, which is pretty standard for a Chromebook. It’s nothing to write home about power-wise, but it should work just fine for word processing, web browsing, and light streaming. A Google Assistant is built right in for voice command convenience.

At the time of writing, Amazon and Walmart were both offering free delivery by the end of the month, though Walmart could get it to us a bit sooner. Double-check the listings to see if that holds up for you before hitting “Add to cart.”


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