A topless man with tattoos walks through the darkness

Remember how ridiculously high octane that Chris Hemsworth movie Extraction was? Well, it may have some competition.

On Monday, Netflix dropped the trailer for Carter, Byung-gil Jung’s brutal thriller about a man (Joo Won) who wakes with no memory, but is told via an earpiece that he needs to transport a child to North Korea amid a viral apocalypse. Why? She may hold the key to the vaccine — yep, big The Last of Us areas.

Needless to say, the journey doesn’t look like it’ll be a straightforward one — and the body count looks like it’ll probably hit at least three figures in the first act.

The trailer may not have the ambitious, expensive scale of RRR, the warrior might of The Woman King, or the blockbuster power of Top Gun: Maverick, but it may just be one of the most intense action trailers of the year. Stunts aplenty.

Carter is available to stream on Netflix from Aug. 5.


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