Sarah Jane Ho in

Netflix has released the official trailer for upcoming reality series Mind Your Manners, giving us a glimpse at how to properly eat a banana with a knife and fork. You probably won’t ever need to eat one this way, but it’s fun to learn how.

Hosted by etiquette teacher Sarah Jane Ho, Mind Your Manners is a bit different from other makeover shows. Rather than focusing on significantly altering her clients’ physical appearances or implementing drastic lifestyle changes, the finishing school founder instructs them in etiquette, aiming to build their confidence and put them at ease in social situations.

We may not regularly do archery, ride horses, or use hand fans. Even so, Ho considers that knowing the proper way to fan yourself can help build general self-assurance in our everyday lives. And yes, there is a proper way.

Mind Your Manners premieres Nov. 16 on Netflix.