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Ask any streetwear buff, new or old, what they think about A Bathing Ape and they’ll invariably tell you that it’s GOATed. We know this because we’ve asked the question many times over the years, but why does the label hold such power within the scene? Well, the resounding answer is that it represents so much.

While streetwear has evolved a lot over the past decade, the founding values behind it remain the same, and a major one of those is rebellion, putting two fingers up to the mainstream. This mindset is echoed in almost every subculture that congregates around streetwear, and when a brand fosters this ideal, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

BAPE has proven time and time again that it gets it. Not only do the label’s iconic designs like the Shark Hoodies or camo-adorned outerwear align perfectly with the all-out boldness that streetwear heads look for, but the brand’s values also do. Take the BAPE Sta, for example. Essentially a one-to-one replica of Nike’s Air Force 1, it’s a wonder it’s never been stamped out by Nike’s aggressive legal department.

On an even bigger note, take the brand’s BAPEX watches. Making no attempt to hide the fact that they’re unlicensed copies of Rolex designs, even down to the name, BAPE exhibits the kind of irreverence that streetwear has always used as its driving force.

Coming in at a fraction of the price of a real Rolex, BAPEX watches sit around the $600 price mark, making them a very attractive proposition for those in the market for a versatile timekeeper. With the arrival of 2023, we’ve been treated to a range of new BAPEX watches, from Type 1 through Type 7, each of which mimics a familiar diving watch with a much higher price tag.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite BAPEX watches to shop right now.

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