Just last week, we sat down with Nina Chanel Abney to discuss her new medium of artistic expression: turning Jordan Brand apparel and sneakers into wearable art. Now, the contemporary artist is already on to her next creative challenge: conquering the wonderful world of NFTs.

Abney prepares to release her first-ever NFT project through GODA, or Gallery of Digital Assets, a space of digital contemporary art comprised of an Avenger squad of renowned creatives like Abney, Pharrell Williams, KAWS, and Easy Otabor, to name a few.

Titled “Super Cool World,” Abney’s NFT collection essentially invites you to her vibrant, carefree universe, where 5,080 digital artworks tout unique characteristics akin to Abney’s signature abstract montages of figures and shapes.


Since the collection “only” has 5,080 NFTs (I’m guessing that’s a small amount in the NFT-dom), mint pass holders will be able to score up to 2 NFTs at .5 ETH (approx. $530).

So, what can you expect from Super Cool World? In addition to rare NFTs, Abney teased that individual pieces could be randomly selected to receive exclusive tangible merch, secret AirDrops, and even access to curated exhibitions.

Marking an exciting inaugural release for GODA, Super Cool World’s NFTs pull you into the imaginative mind of Abney. But, it’s also packed with many exclusive opportunities, making for a more engaging way for the artist to connect with Abney diehards and ever-evolving NFT community.


If you’re looking to own a piece of history or simply want to explore the Abney universe, Nina Chanel Abney’s Super Cold World collection goes live on July 13.


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