As social media becomes more prevalent in today’s world, people feel the need to share every single detail of their life with everyone…and it’s not always good. These people often just want the wrong kind of attention—but oh boy, do they get it. People on Reddit shared the drama they’ve been following on their Facebook feed, and the best ones we’ve got the juiciest ones here.

1. Takes One To Know One

This person I’m friends with on Facebook posted, “In 24 hours I will be deleting Facebook! My real friends will know how to contact me. I’m so sick of all the attention-seeking and drama-filled behavior on here. I’ve tried everything, but this is the only way. Inbox me for my number, but only if you’re a true friend! Peace, FB fam. It’s been real.” But there’s a twist. That was three days ago…and they’re still online.


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