Mum’s will say he looks scruffy, dads will say he’s a bum, but Jonah Hill’s sense of style is impeccable. Period.

In fact, he’s verging on Tyler, the Creator territory when it comes to looking the business right now, in the sense that no matter what he wears or how he wears it, he always pulls it off.

In truth, all Jonah Hill is wearing here is a tee, shorts, and a pair of brown Adilettes, but the way he’s wearing them, in that sort of laid-back Jonah Hill-way, is what’s most pertinent here.

Sure, he’s lost about 100 lbs which technically makes his look a “transformation” but this, in tandem with his tatts, mad hair, and inexplicably-long beard, makes for a look few could replicate.

The 39 year old father-to-be (dad ‘fits incoming) was spotted dropping his surfboard off for repair (of course) at a shop in Malibu, and at the same time reminding us that style comes in many different forms.

Jonah Hill doesn’t necessarily wear super luxury labels on the reg (a few Gucci moments aside), nor does he conform to any particular trends, he simply goes about his day-to-day business being Jonah Hill, which is pretty refreshing if you ask me.

Effortless ‘fits aren’t entirely new for Jonah Hill, who has showcased a penchant for easy dressing for some time now. From that Meaningful Existence moment with Lisa Rinna, to letting everyone know that UGGs are actually okay, Jonah Hill is leading the way. Period.


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