We all talk about the same few stylish famous folks who wear interesting things here and noteworthy things there, occasionally neglecting a few unsung style stars. Like, people just aren’t giving Tracee Ellis Ross the style credit she so richly deserves. Let this be a reminder, then.

Ellis Ross ought to be familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to the buzziest events and biggest red carpets, even if they’ve never seen her breakout performances in shows like Black-ish. Everyone wants a piece of this woman and why not? She has style for days.

In particular, Ellis Ross is a bonafide Balenciaga muse, having repped the house at A-list events, VIP parties, and its own fashion shows. Plus, she’s prone to pull out a bit of Demna on her own time here and there.


Though Ellis Ross’ closet is a veritable who’s-who of designer fashion, with appearances from The Row, Versace, Proenza Schouler, and, of course, her beloved Prada, there’s only one other label that rivals Balenciaga for the coveted Tracee Ellis Ross Seal of Approval.


If she ain’t wearing Balenciaga, there’s a pretty good chance that Ellis Ross is dripped out in Bottega Veneta, be it from Daniel Lee or Matthieu Blazy.


Bottega is a good match for Ellis Ross’ personal taste, as it blends her predilection for vivid color with sleek opulence that reads luxurious even from a distance.

When you know what you’re doing, Bottega is effortlessly chic and no one knows what they’re doing moreso than Tracee Ellis Ross.


Case in point, this off-duty outfit that Ellis Ross wore out and about in Los Angeles on November 8.

It’s a baggy sweatsuit and boots, right? Nothing special.

Oh, so wrong.

Ellis Ross has mastered the art of thoughtful proportion play, evidenced here by the intentionally torso-lengthening hoodie that she juxtaposes against her baggy sweatpants that’re perfectly tucked into the top of her Bottega Veneta Puddle Boots, the ideal bulbous toe to balance any baggy ‘fit.

I’ll resist the urge to heap praise on Ellis Ross for so nattily making the case for looking good even on a day off and leave you with this: you know that you can dress when you make sweatpants and slip-ons look good.