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If NOAH is known for anything, it’s for making perfectly wearable clothing at a fair price. If NOAH is known for anything else, it’s a passion for causes that matter to founder Brendon Babenzien, an egalitarian ethos epitomized by the NOAH x Warby Parker eyewear collection.

There’s a method behind NOAH’s madness. Although, I suppose I don’t really consider eco-conscious production or anti-waste messaging madness.

But the point is that NOAH nearly always has a motive for its output, be it to simply deliver solid product, explore an aspect of Babenzien’s personal fascinations, or tackling one of the fashion industry’s foibles, of which there are many.

So, NOAH x Warby Parker ain’t just a regular ol’ drop.

Yes, it does include a selection of fresh frames in both sunglass and optical form, NOAH’s first eyewear partnership since the days of Vuarnet, but there’s an extra bit of intrigue coming from the charitable angle.

Warby Parker has always offered its donation program, which gives a free pair of glasses to “someone in need,” per press materials, whenever a new pair is purchased.

Specifically, Warby Parker says that it both “empowers people” to make eye exams and glasses prices affordable and leverages “cross-sector partnerships” to give vision care and glasses to folks in need. Hard to find fault there.

That all continues with the NOAH partnership but there’s also an additional level.

Babenzien loves books. Therefore, NOAH also loves books. So it follows that the brand’s latest eyewear collab would have a literary angle, wherein a portion of sales from this Warby Parker partnership will benefit Behind the Book, a nonprofit that works with public schools to amplify student learning.

Available on NOAH’s website and Warby Parker’s web store, the sunglasses look light but are given weight in NOAH’s drive to do better.

It’s all part of Babenzien’s busy schedule, which includes the all-encompassing overhaul of J.Crew men’s.


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