Friends who slay together stay together. Something like that, right? Regardless of how the old saying goes, North West and one of her friends just handed out a lesson in BFF serves.

The girls attended the Laker vs. Nuggets game on May 20, which saw other stars like Adele, Quavo, Eddie Murphy, and Jake Gyllenhaal seated courtside. Of course, they had chaperones (North is only nine) as they were seen with NBA basketball trainer Chris Johnson and Rochelle ‘Shelli’ Azoff, wife of music producer Irving Azoff.

It’s no secret that North is a style star on the rise, with custom Balenciaga moments to prove it. Even when paired with a playmate (like, say, Penelope Disick), North nor her fashionable companion typically doesn’t disappoint. And the latest instance is no different.

North and her friend stole the style spotlight at the game, twinning from the courtside in Prada bombers, silver chains, jeans, and sneakers. Regarding shoe specifics, North naturally wore Uncle Travis’ Fragment design x Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High, while her friend opted for a pair of Nike Dunks.

The girls even coordinated down the bags — both designer, of course — with North flexing arguably Virgil Abloh’s most coveted piece: Louis Vuitton’s iridescent Keepall Bandouliere Monogram 50 Prism. Meanwhile, her pal carried a pink crystal-embellished Prada bag featuring a plush toy.

What can I say? It’s a bestie slay.

From arriving hand-in-hand in style to sharing a mid-game chest bump, North and her friend’s bestie outing was pretty adorable, honestly. It’s always refreshing to see kids being kids — even when they’re flexing the average rent of a New York apartment rent in their hands.


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