The pandemic left us with many new things, but one of the better remnants was the home office. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, setting up a comfortable working space with the right home office essentials is crucial.

There is no going wrong when purchasing basic items. We get it. They’re timeless, look sophisticated, and it eases those endless shopping hours. But, even if you are a workaholic, the loop can start to feel very repetitive at times. A slight office makeover might be the right call to brighten your work environment up.

From bold bookholders to cozy blankets, we’ve rounded up some playful home office essentials to get that workflow up and running. It’s time to get back on track and kick this year off on a colorful note.

Call me old-school, but a notebook can actually be more reliable than your iPhone notes app. Montblanc has outdone itself with this pocket-size rabbit leather notebook to carry around with ease.

PURDEY brings you a sterling silver pen to match your new favorite notebook. Its thick bullet shape and smooth twist mechanism make this item an office staple.

A good ambiance not only changes your mood but also increases your workflow. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself with this HAY scented candle.

Bookends are an understated piece we didn’t know we needed. Besides its practicality, the cute shape of this yellow steel bookholder will bring some fun to your serious-looking shelf.

It’s time to return that old cup to the kitchen shelf where it belongs and get a proper pen holder. Rabitti 1969 offers a waterproof leather pot in a bright orange tone for a pop of color.

During winter, one minute it’s daytime, and the next time you look up it’s completely dark. This checkered wool blanket will make you want to cuddle up in your desk chair for when the evening gets chillier.

Coffee? Matcha? Green tea? Your caffeine boost choice doesn’t matter as long as you have a cute mug to drink it in.

You just need a few tools to keep your desk organized. From coins to paper clips, you can throw anything into this lifesaver piece. Carhartt WIP reminds us that a tidy desk is reason to smile.

Ashtrays have long been the ugliest part of an interior, or exterior for that matter. Gone are the days of the ashtray being an eyesore, though, thanks to the Aster Ashtray.

Maybe you wouldn’t forget to hydrate yourself if you had a water bottle beside your laptop. Axel Arigato freshens us up with this one-liter steel flask to avoid that constant back and forth to refill.

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