When someone is wrong, they’ll often wait and bide their time before seeking revenge—and when they do, it’s absolutely brutal. These Redditors came together to share stories about people getting even, and they’re unforgettable.

1. Betting On The Wrong Horse

I was adopted as a teenager by a woman who ended up being terrible to me. I was supposed to be thankful because she pulled me out of the gutter and gave me opportunities, in her mind. But here’s the awful truth.

She’s an extravagant spender and has blown through TWO large inheritances and a divorce settlement, years of alimony, and refused to get a job, even though she holds multiple master’s degrees in a desirable field. She used the school loans to continue funding her lifestyle instead of working. She never saved for retirement despite having the means and opportunity to do so.

Growing up, she told me I would grow up to be a dropout. Her biological children were her retirement plan because she told them to marry rich and pushed them into what she thought would be lucrative degrees. It was a classic scapegoat/golden children scenario.

She never fathomed that of all her kids, it would be me that broke six figures, having landed a great career. Too bad for her that I cut her off seven years ago and never looked back. She’s now in her 60s, having to start over financially. Her children don’t make enough to support her…and I won’t contribute.


nuclear revenge

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