The fact that Palace has made a collection with Kappa for Alpine, the UK-based F1 constructor team, probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Not because Palace always creates collections for motorsports brands, because it doesn’t, but because virtually nothing comes as a surprise when Palace is involved.

Thing is, Palace, the London-based skate-cum-streetwear imprint, has its fingers in a multitude of pies. Where most brands stay within their respective lanes in terms of inline releases, collaborations, and events, Palace goes out of its way to do the opposite.

Palace’s list of collaborators reads like a who’s who of anyone worth knowing in popular culture — and unpopular culture, for that.

Elementary and expected co-releases with the likes of New Balance, Reebok, and adidas have been counteracted by more left-field drops with names like Stella Artois, Harrods, and McDonald’s in recent years.

Palace and Kappa’s collection for BWT Alpine F1 team — which comprises an apparel capsule, a one-off Palace designed A523 car livery specially created for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and an official BWT Alpine F1 Team kit — most certainly falls into the latter category.

This isn’t Palace’s first foray into motorsports. Back in 2022 the skate label teamed up with Mercedes for a custom-designed AMG GT3. Last year, Palace also dropped an IRL motorcycle with Gucci.

However, Palace Kappa for BWT Alpine F1 team — which lands online November 17 — is a different kettle of fish. It’s a bonafide collaboration for a bonafide Formula 1 outfit and also one that, while being totally original, conveniently arrives at a time when the motorsports trend is on the rise.

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