Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe is famously eclectic but her actual style is usually pretty consistent. Form-fitting athleisure, luxury outerwear, leggings, sporty sunglasses, fancy shoes with bags to match: you get the picture.

But it’s actually kinda rare that Kim actually leans into the luxury flexes that most people like associate with the Kardashian clan. Like, it’s more common to see Kim wearing YEEZY shoes, vintage streetwear, or SKIMS than actually showing off with an obviously expensive statement piece.

So it was actually (mildly) surprising to see Kim arriving to one of Drake’s recent tour stops wearing a visibly spendy Chanel handbag, neatly matched to what is presumably a two-piece SKIMS shirt-leggings set.

Again, the surprise is that Kim is indulging in a visible flex, not that Kim is rich. We allllll know that many times over.

Kim’s Chanel handbag may look to the uninitiated like a pink, furry lunch box but it’s actually an extremely desirable lambskin shearling vanity case.

Chanel doesn’t release these things every season and certainly not in every style or color but Kim’s case appears to be from 2022, according to secondhand sites where Chanel vanity cases can resell for upwards of $5.6k.

Retail price for Kim’s bag is known only to the VIP clients who buy this sorta stuff direct from Chanel itself.

Still, that’s a fair bit more valuable than a vintage Roma jersey, no?

The interesting thing here is really just that Kim’s expensive Chanel handbag ain’t your average Chanel flex. Her vanity case is a relative deep-cut in the Chanel bag library and one that is both painfully expensive and intriguingly uncommon. Certainly, more of a head-turner than the average quilted shoulder bag.

Critics may decry Kim as basic but, hey, SKIMS wouldn’t be such a phenomenon if Queen Kardashian herself didn’t at least have a modicum of taste. Surely, that’s not hyperbolic praise?


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