Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds went on a date with a bunch of A-list friends on September 12 and I don’t care. Sure, they hung out with the likes of Taylor Swift and Channing Tatum but rich people do that all the time.

They do not, however, often wear li’l cowboy shirts on their big nights out.

Lively and Reynolds’ date night looks are remarkably clash-y, to the extent that Lively is dressed for a fizzy night out (not sure what that means, just wanted to use the word “fizzy” in a sentence) while Reynolds is wearing exquisitely normal clothes solely distinguished by the aforementioned printed pullover.

I don’t hate Reynolds’ look. That sounds like a diss but it’s really just an affirmation that he’s mastered the art of elevating normal clothes with suitable statement pieces as he sees fit.

This time he’s got some classic Chuck Taylor-like plimsols, slim cropped trousers, and the cowpoke shirt, which feels like a knowingly adolescent undermining of Reynold’s more urbane other clothes.

I’m speaking specifically of Reynold’s li’l cowboy shirt, which I find incredibly fascinating for some reason. Just such a cute, weird little thing that is almost certainly an Expensive Fashion Flex.

Indeed, Reynold’s clothes are cheekily juvenile compared to Lively’s look. She appears comparatively sophisticated in its impressive layers of color and texture, the latter mostly imparted by a short tweed coat (very Chanel).

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds aren’t exactly serving us high-contrast couples outfits epitomized in late August by the Biebers but there is something amusingly distinct in their approaches to getting dressed.

I appreciate a couple disinterested in conventional date-night outfits, especially when it’s age-appropriate. Plus, nothing conventional about date-night when you’re hanging with famous friends, I suppose.

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