illustrated twitter bird with screenshot of tweet

The weekend has finally arrived and, like always, not a moment too soon.

It was one of those strange, weird weeks where it’s not quite winter but not yet spring. Snow sometimes, in some places. Rain or sun elsewhere.

But you know what was a constant? People tweeting. Even as the bird app slowly collapses in on itself, the tweets kept rolling in. Because that’s what the internet does.

So we went ahead and collected the seven best tweets of the week, because that’s what we do every week. Please enjoy.

1. ‘One’s gotta go’ viral tweets taken to its logical extreme.

2. Another one of God’s little tests. We must be strong.

3. A simple can of Diet Coke holds an intense amount of power. It can fix just about anything.

4. Think about all the good this could do.

5. Somebody help him. Good lord, somebody help him.

6. What a truly bonkers thing to ask another human being. Like what are you talking about?

7. And finally, this gem. To be clear, this isn’t even meant to be funny or some kind of joke. It just a thing that happened in the real world. But what an absolute pinnacle moment in the history of human accomplishment.