It’s a given that Tyler, the Creator is going to out-dress anyone, anywhere he goes. But to do so in a grey sweatsuit? While attending a red carpet in Los Angeles in mid-November, Tyler showed up wearing the ultimate sweatpants, full stop.

Tyler’s sweats are lightweight, for one, so the way they fall — especially with the creased leg and pleat — made them look more like a dress pant than athleisure. The wide leg fit could have been a mess, but the pant’s generous leg opening — as opposed to an elastic hem — cleans it up. 

On top, he wore a puffer vest the color of sweet, minty Orbit gum with a yellow stripe around the collar beneath a hunter green trapper hat, complete with fluffy earflaps. This is the preppy, trekky Tyler we know and love.

A sturdy pair of brown hiking boots both complemented Tyler’s trapper hat and vest while dressing up the sweats. It’s a great outfit for hitting the trail, or as Tyler proved, mingling with the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

The look is quietly powerful, proof of Tyler’s good taste. It’s that the color of his vest that pops against his grey sweats and the fact that he chose a hiking boot over a sneaker, so it looked like he was actually going to a party (or the trail) and not the gym.

This is the sort of look we’ve come to expect from Tyler — remember how he almost single handedly owned leather loafers all last summer? He has a knack for taking some of the most ordinary garments — and if we’re being real, in sometimes questionable colors (like that minty green) — and making them look incredibly stylish.

It’s very clear that Tyler’s considering all the angles before he walks out of the house. Each element of his outfit is thoughtful, from the proportions of the vest over the hoodie to the way that his sweats sit just so on his boots.

On someone else, and especially a celeb on a red carpet, Tyler’s loungey look could lean dogwalker or, at worst, a cry for help. But Tyler instead is dressed both incredibly comfortably and utterly put together, despite wearing what’re essentially fancy PJs. Kids, don’t try this at home. 

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