They’re supposed to be the prim and proper rulers of our world, representing the best that society has to offer, but for some reason, some royals just can’t get through the day without causing a royal scandal of some kind, whether they mean to or not. From ancient punishments to illegitimate children to more recent divorces and deaths, each generation of rulers has seen their fair share of royal scandals. Read on for the most outrageous facts about royal scandals out there.

1. Kind of Hard for Queens to Hide Secret Kids Though?

The “Prince Tudor theory” is founded on the belief that Queen Elizabeth I had a secret lovechild who was the secret heir to the throne the whole time. This lost prince was, supposedly, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. According to this school of belief, it’s also why he secretly wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays. If that’s not edgy enough for you, look up the spin-off theory, “Prince Tudor II,” where it’s claimed that Elizabeth accidentally sired another lovechild off her own son and that inbred baby is Oxford.

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