Clarks Originals has reeled in its collaborations over the last 12 months.

Following a few years of linking with every brand and their dog (not a bad thing, might I add), the British footwear label has taken a seemingly more selective approach of late, saving its link-ups for the more meaningful releases.

From C.P. Company and VANDYTHEPINK, to the likes of Bodega and Goodhood, each of its more recent collabs have been born out of honest conversations and/or a shared mutual understanding of the world of footwear.

For its latest partnership — which is on display at the brand’s showroom at Paris Fashion Week — Clarks is teaming up with renowned Parisian sandwich shop Paper Boy for the exclusive launch of the Paper Girl Wallabee.

Crafted with the same lightweight suede and crepe sole combination we’ve come to expect from a classic Clarks Wallabee, the Paper Girl iteration features a clean white upper atop a black base, alongside an array of custom fobs.

The famed sandwich — which is located down Rue Amelot — is no stranger to collabs, having teamed up with the likes of New Balance, Reebok, and BEAMS on numerous occasions.

This Wallabee, however, is rumored to be the beginning of a new line of womenswear product and, if they’re all as good as this, we’re in for quite the treat.