Tiny humans don’t have any real sense of self-preservation. In fact, their baby brains all seem to have the opposite goal: it’s like they want to unalive themselves in weird and horrific ways. So, because you can’t trust kids not to lick wall outlets, the vital round-the-clock watch to keep these bouncy barf goblins safe from harm can get a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, as these Redditors discovered, tired parents inevitably make mistakes…

1. A Big Mist-ake

My son is only eight months old, and I’ve already made a big mistake. First, you should know that our house is about 100 years old and still has a boiler and radiators to provide heat. Since the house has settled, not all of the radiator pipes are angled as they should be. This can cause cold air to get trapped in the pipe, preventing certain radiators from heating up.

The way to fix this is to remove the pressure regulator from the end of the radiator until steam comes out. This can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the distance between the radiator and the boiler and how long the boiler has been running.

One day, the radiator in my son’s room wasn’t warming. It was nighttime and cold as heck outside, so I snuck into his room and unscrewed the regulator. Not wanting to wake him, I then snuck back out, planning to return momentarily to put the regulator back on.

Well, I forgot—for about half an hour. I was doing who-knows-what downstairs when all of a sudden, I started wondering about the high-pitched whistling noise coming from upstairs. I quickly realized my mistake and dashed to my son’s room, only to find a cloud of steam so dense that I couldn’t see anything.

I felt my way to his crib and gave him the scare of his very short life as I jerked him up out of his deep sleep and ran out of the room. He was no worse for wear, just generally damp from the ridiculous amount of water in the air.

After tending to him, I had to manually shut off the boiler and wait for the radiator to cool down before I could put the regulator back on. Then I towel-dried everything in his room, even the walls and ceiling.


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