Nothing confuses my dad quite as much as MSCHF.

The Brooklyn-based collective – which seems to drive the realms of art and fashion crazy (as well as my dad) with each of its unique and sometimes confusing releases – looks set to drop another stack of blurred currency (yup, it’s not your internet connection), this time with a Monopoly twist.

Following up blurry stacks of US dollars, Japanese yen, and Australian dollars, as well as a collaboration with Highsnobiety’s Not In Paris euros last year, the controversial collective now returns one month on from its last currency instalment.

Slatted to be “coming soon“, the MSCHF Blur Monopoly stack – which is literally a box decorated in the style of a stack of fake money – looks akin to the colorful sheets used in the iconic board game, but seen from the point of view of me without my specs.

“You trust your eyes, don’t you? Even our bills trust in God. So go ahead. Have some faith. Buy now,” reads the MSCHF site on the forthcoming release. “A purchase is a monetary mirage until it’s in your hand. But do some disappear into the horizon entirely?”

If previous releases are anything to go by, MSCHF’s Monopoly drop will be in high demand, with the aforementioned US dollars collab managing to max out at a ridiculous $56K at Sotheby’s.

As we know, it isn’t just fake money that’s seen MSCHF hit the headlines recently after its “Wavey Baby” sneaker with Tyga found itself at the center of a lawsuit with Vans as a result of its similarities with the latter’s epochal skate shoe.

Whatever you think of MSCHF – and if you’re still struggling to understand what the hell is going on and what a blurred money stack is – one thing is for sure: the controversial art collective certainly knows how to make an impression.


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