A confused looking man is pictured next to a phone showing the tweets of Elon Musk. Another tweet from climate scientist David Ho, about being laid off from Twitter, is shown in the image.

Twitter has always been a bit of a dumpster fire, but over the past week it’s evolved into something that pretty much defies metaphors.

It started when Elon Musk’s reluctant takeover became official, then quickly escalated as he fired top executives, announced the introduction of an $8 monthly fee for Twitter Blue (which includes the blue tick), and generally made a lot of people quite angry.

Now, with layoffs looming, people have taken to trolling Musk’s Twitter with a new meme format. Here’s a recent example from climate scientist David Ho, whose tweet now has thousands of shares.

“Twitter laid me off today,” wrote Ho. “If you know of any open positions for project managers or senior software engineers, let me know. I was in charge of the feature that made sure every time you tweeted about climate change you were served a fossil fuel ad.”

Ho even followed the tweet up with some receipts.

Ho isn’t the first person to use this format, which pokes fun at the things people find frustrating about the platform. It’s been around for a few days now, and has slowly been picking up more and more steam.

Will any of the issues touched on in these memes be tackled by Musk? Only time will tell, but for the moment it least it seems like his priorities lie elsewhere.