Ah, the innocence of childhood; a time of simultaneous wonder and confusion. Kids interpret things differently than adults because they don’t fully understand how the world works yet. As a result, people end up with memories from their youths that they can’t make sense of until they’re older. Does this ring any bells? Then read on as Redditors share their most interesting childhood mysteries that finally got solved years later.

1. Something Strange In The Neighborhood…

When I was around six to eight years old, I remember I had to start asking my mom to go play in the backyard with my siblings so that she could supervise us. We never had to do this previously, so my siblings and I were very confused. Any time we didn’t ask, we got in big trouble. Eventually, when we got older, my mom finally told us the truth. We were absolutely floored.

It turned out the neighbors were harboring a known pedophile in their house, and that’s why mom got so upset with us going outside without asking.


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