Ah, Halloween, the time of year when celebrities put ordinary people’s store-bought costumes to shame with spot-on bespoke recreations of their favorite characters.

Every year, the rich and famous go all out for Halloween — with help from their glam squads, of course — resulting in some crazy-good costumes. This year, Janelle Monae protected her crown, going as the Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element. And then there was Heidi Klum, who channeled the question on every girlfriend’s mind: Would you still love me if I was a worm?

But, what about the un-costumes? I’m talking about the looks by famed figures who go as their everyday selves or keep things simple with a stylish ‘fit and a Halloween accessory.

I mean, I get it. With a packed schedule, sometimes you just have to cop a mask and call it a day when the party rolls around. Not to mention, Halloween costumes ain’t cheap, especially in the celebrity world where ensembles typically comprise designer pieces.

To the celebs in the back who ditched the spooky dress code entirely (but still wanted to party) or did the relatable last-minute thing with animal ears, we can relate. So, this one is for you.

Jimmy Butler attended a Halloween function dressed as, well, himself, sporting his Miami Heat gear as his costume for the evening.

Sure, it may not be a transformative look, but it’s a gem for the Un-Costume Hall of Fame.

Jaden Smith stepped out in the Jaden-Smith-iest costume yet. Smith’s self-cosplay included an MSFTSREP varsity jacket, New Balance 550s, and a Just Water bottle — basically, pieces from his brands and partnerships.

Though, I must give him credit for his second costume, Harry Potter (or Jaden Potter, as his fans appropriately dubbed him).


Making Halloween costumes out of Tyler, the Creator, Spider-Man, Jaden Smith, and now Potter (I said this in my best Malfoy voice, by the way)? Is there anything Smith can’t do?


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Tyler, the Creator as — wait for it — Tyler, the Creator!

Perhaps his brief encounter with Jokerfied Diddy shook him, prompting him to forget his costume. Nonetheless, it was a good call for Tyler to dress up as his usual stylish self, as he attended Tracee Ellis Ross’ costume-free birthday celebration the same night.


Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian didn’t get the dress code memo.


Now, Joshua Jackson technically wore a costume, going as a Gucci-fied version of his Mighty Ducks character.

With his wife Jodie Turner-Smith, the two ditched the all-around wild getups in exchange for Gucci, adidas collab included.

Here’s to Trevor Noah doing the guy thing for Halloweekened: a casual ‘fit with a spooky mask. Hey, it’s better than no attempt at all!