‘Tis the season, folks, and the Gremlins are getting their own PUMA sneaker.

Released in 1984, Gremlins is a timeless comedy horror film about, well, Gremlins, these evil creatures who terrorize a small town during Christmas time. Folks even consider it as a Christmas movie because of the setting. As a horror fan who also loves the holidays, it’s easily one of my favorite movies, to say the least.

The Gremlins weren’t always bad, though. Before becoming miniature terrors due to improper care and broken rules (more on this later), they’re born as these adorable fluffy animals known as Mogwai.

To break it down, the good ones are Mogwai and the bad are Gremlins. And PUMA’s giving each their own moment with a mismatch sneaker collab.

PUMA x Gremlins delivers an All-Pro NITRO basketball sneaker, one shoe representing the cuddly character Gizmo (good) and the other representing the not-so-cute Gremlins leader Stripe (bad). So, that’s good for one foot and bad for the other.

For Gizmo’s shoe, brown, orange, and white hues dress the engineered mesh upper, nodding to the cute Mogwai creature’s distinct look. Then, there’s the Stripe sneaker, which appears in shades of green and hints of yellow like the evil Gremlin’s mischievous yellowed eyes and scaly skin.

Both shoes receive the fluffiest of tongues, again nodding to the Mogwai’s appearance. On the tongue, fans will also notice the film’s famous three rules for caring for the Mogwai: 1) don’t get them wet, 2) keep them away from bright light, and 3) don’t feed them after midnight. Break these rules and then, you’ll have Gremlins on your hands.

At the very least, the first rule — don’t get them wet — should be considered for your sneakers, especially with those furry tongues. No one wants to walk around with wet, soggy kicks.

Again, some people see the Gremlins as a Christmas classic. So, the Gremlins x PUMA sneaker arrives right in time for the season, launching on December 8 alongside collaborative apparel, including some graphic tees, hoodies, and sweatpants.

PUMA is killing it with its basketball sneakers and collaborations with classic films and television shows, presenting impressive homages executed in playful, unique ways.

PUMA, LaMelo Ball, and Dexter’s Laboratory have a trippy MB.03 sneaker collaboration coming up, and the take has even PUMA’s non-hooping fans wanting to cop…and order an omelette du fromage.

PUMA’s Gremlins pairs advance the brand’s streak of solid basketball shoes, perfectly capturing the essence of the timeless film. Indeed, PUMA has found its bright light with this one.

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