For all the great things he did for France—including building the beautiful Louvre—we will likely remember Philip II for one thing. He was the French King who locked his wife in a tower. If it sounds like a fairy tale, think again. His wife spent 20 harrowing years in a tower, and there were no animated talking animals or long locks of hair to get her out. Philip was as tough as nails, but he had a reason for keeping away from his wives. It was a dark secret that he would take to his grave.

1. He Came From God

When Philip was born, in Gonesse on August 21, 1165, his dad was already really old. Because Louis VII was 45 when Philip was born, they gave the baby a nickname: God-given. After having four children with two different wives, Philip was the first son. Philip’s mother, Adela of Champagne, was the King’s third wife and was 25 when she had Philip.

Philip was a literal gift from god, as far as his father was concerned. But that came with its own kind of fear.

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